Mixed versions?

I have Devonthink running on 2 Macs and 2 iOS devices (DTTG). If upgrade one of my Macs to ver 3 can I leave all of the devices as they are and will things still work? (I will obviously upgrade the other Mac at some point but I don’t want to rush things if I don’t have to).

Yes, this is possible. But I personally would not advocate leaving it in this mixed state for long.

Understood. Is there an equivalent iOS update that I should make sure I have?

Just the public version - 2.7.2 currently.

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Don’t you recommend it for technical reasons or for making it difficult to take the jump over to the new version?
I am using mixed environment too because this way I am able to handle some stuff that I have not really the idea for (and not many time to think everything over).

I am aware that I should not use it at the same time, that there is a physical different inbox (that is getting synchronized) and I should not use the new metadata. Are there further reasons ?