Mixing DropBox and Bonjour Syncs

One more sync question;

On v2.8 we had two sync locations - Direct (Local Network) and DropBox.

Direct was to a Mac (Mac1) which was kind of a “master” system with DEVONthink. (i.e. the databases, not a sync store).

That Mac1 auto synced to a DropBox syncstore once a day.

When in the office the users would “Direct” sync to Mac1 for speed.

When out of the office, they would sync to DropBox.

This all worked just fine. Only one user could sync at time, an so there were never any clashes etc.

With the new sync - what will happen if I set up the same? Is there a risk of simultaneous automatic sync via the Local Network and DropBox, with some timing delay obviously for DropBox, and risk of data corruption, duplicates etc.?

Kind regards,

No, such setups are fully supported. The risk of conflicts should actually be smaller now as the new sync is much faster and as multiple clients don’t block each other anymore.