Mixing Licenses

I presently own two Devonthink Pro licenses having upgraded from earlier editions. I have those installed on my office and home desktops. As these are the only computers that I use attached to a scanner would I be okay purchasing to licenses for Standard edition for my two laptops? Could I continue to share the database among all four computers, 2 running standard and 2 running Pro?

to make it simpler for guidance, could you please provide a simple list of each device, product (standard or pro), and exact version number. if multiple versions on any device show that also.

I presently have DEVONthink 3 updated to the most recent version with a Pro license installed on a Late 2020 Mac Mini and a 2017 MacBook Pro (that I use exclusively as a desktop computer as the screen is shot). They are both running DEVONThink 3.7.2. All the computers I own are running Big Sur 11.4

These are the only computers that I may need the features of the Pro version of DEVONthink.

I would like to use the same databases that I share on the above computers on two additional Mac’s: An early 2015 MacBook and a 2020 13” MacBook Pro. My question is can I buy two Standard licenses for these computers and share those same databases created and still used by the Pro licenses that I already own.

Just to be sure you are aware: a single purchase of DT3 Pro includes two seats, so can be used on two macOS devices. I mention this, as you say you have two licences - if that is the case, you already have 4 seats.

If, in fact, you do need more seats, then yes, you should be able to use your current databases on a device which uses DT3 standard; obviously, none of the Pro features will be available on those devices.


I mis-used my terminology. I have one license with it’s two seats. I need two more seats and am looking to minimize the cost for features that will only be used on two of the machines. Thanks for the reply.

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I asked this some time ago and there is no problem in mixing license levels. The Mac with the lower ones will have features of those licences. If they are standard, then you couldn’t OCR but could read and annotate OCRed documents form other licensed Macs. Same with other features.

If there’s a feature on the Comparison Matrix you need on the other Mac(s), buy seats.
Otherwise, a purchase of the Standard edition would work just fine.