Mobile input to DT without using DTTG

I am tired of trying to use DTTG. Had to delete it again because it was crashing after every action. Now I have to set it up again and it is a tediously slow process to replicate any database with DT3. One database that I am setting up again (seems like the 4th time in 2 years) contains 123,534 items and the app is clunking along at 9,244. Plus I seem to have to keep the app open and on top for it to continue. If anyone can suggest a way to make this process faster AND not have to keep it open I welcome your input. If I switch away to another app, even without closing DTTG, then the items list restarts from zero, though it quickly moves to the last item downloaded and then continues downloading slowly.

The one use that I liked about DTTG, or better, the objective of DTTG for me, was as an input device as I casually surfed the web or read items via my phone. I think that DTTG is really weak for sorting, editing and moving things around, at least on my iPhone 11 Pro Max. I don’t want to do anything with DTTG but use it as a capture element for DT3.

So the question is, how can I set up DTTG just to serve as a capture tool that I can later access the captures on DT3? Can I just setup a Global Inbox and nothing else? Can I have that Global Inbox sync to DT3? Please help me understand how to do that?

If not that then, how can I input directly into DT3 without DTTG? Is there a non-DT app that I can use to serve as an interim store for later input to DT3? Really, I am tired of using DTTG and would rather have another option, even though I have spent money and time on this tool.

Thank you.

What kind of sync location do you use?

Just using the global inbox is of course one option. You can synchronize the global inbox like any other database.

Was just going to add that I am syncing via iCloud. I have tried DropBox before and that was also a fiasco. That probably accounted for 2 out of 4 (re)setups.

So for using the “global inbox”, I can just delete the other databases and only keep global inbox? Is there anything that I have to assure to link to DT3?

And to make sure that this is not just a iPhone issue, I have the same problem with my iPad. Have read all configuration instructions carefully (I have spent so much time on this it is incredible) but the results are the same, unacceptable anymore.

Of course using only the global inbox eliminates the promise of unified information that is the premise (I think) of DT.



A different sync location might be another option as both iCloud and Dropbox are the slowest sync solutions (not due to any shortcomings of the sync but due to the slow and sometimes unreliable servers).

Another option might be Indexing a cloud sync folder on your desktop, then saving files to that folder from iOS. Or you could script such a folder with Folder Actions to automatically import them into DT.

In " How to Sync by Wire" document it says: " For more information on setting up Bonjour, check out the Sync section in the built-in help or manual for each application. It’s really as simple as setting up one machine as the Bonjour server and adding the server as a sync location in the sync preferences on the other devices." (and “Bonjour functions perfectly.”)

On the help is says: “The Mac with Bonjour enabled should now be visible as a sync location to other devices on your local network. On the other devices, enable it, enter the password, and you can import databases or sync existing databases directly with it.”

I have enabled Bonjour on my MacBook, connected a cable directly to my iPhone, but on DTTG the laptop connection nor databases show-up. What am I doing wrong?

Also, I can see my phone through Finder and sync my phone with my laptop. So there is a connection. What does not appear on DTTG is my Mac as a sync connection. I only have iCloud (the method that I use to sync the Global Inbox. And unused, CloudMe, DropBox, iCloud and WebDAV.

In DEVONthink To Go’s Settings > Sync: Locations, press the Edit link to show other available sync options. You should see the Mac available there.

Yes, sir. It should but it does not.

What does NOT appear on DTTG is my Mac as a sync connection. I only have iCloud (the method that I use to sync the Global Inbox. And unused, CloudMe, DropBox, iCloud and WebDAV.

Should I again reinstall the app? Or any other suggestion?

Thank you for the feedback.

You say you have connected with a cable. Is it a network connection type of cable connection? Is by that cable the iPhone on the local network, or just connected to the Mac using some sort of non-network protocol?

I assume you have a local network. If you disconnect the cable and rely on Mac’s connection to the network (via Ethernet and/or WiFi) and the iPhone’s connection to the network (via WiFi), does it work then?

One side goes into the MacBookPro (2019) Catalina v10.15.6, another to the iPhone 11 Max Pro v14.

That wasn’t my question.

Is your iPhone (because of this wire) part of the local network? (because while it might be possible, I’m not familiar with using a wired connection to Mac for iPhone to connect to the local network … could be, but I have never done. I also don’t know if Bonjour works on a wired connection. Could, but I don’t know).

And if you rely on NOT the wire, but WiFi to connect your iPhone to the local network, does it work?

I concur, DTTG lacks important abilities as you describe, moving items, sorting. I really hope we may see an update in the UI which will improve the usage of screen real estate and introduce these features outlined.