Mobile Sync Folder with DTTG 2

Is there still a need for the Mobile Sync folder given the new DTTG 2 and new sync structure?

Is this folder now deprecated?

Can I safely delete these folders from my databases?

You can delete the Mobile Sync group if you don’t use DEVONthink To Go 1.x anymore and if the group is empty.

Excellent, thanks for the reply!

…and how does one go about deleting it. I’m not offered the option. The delete button is not available, and Apple/Delete key doesn’t work.

So, do I understand it correctly that we are now forced to synchronize an entire database? I thought that something had gone terribly wrong when tons of crap I absolutely didn’t need there ended up on my iPhone. I deleted the mobile-side database and was just about to retour a sync setup from scratch.


Do you use version 2.9.1 or later? Then just move the group to the trash like any other group and empty the trash.

Read the instructions on setting up Sync on your Mac databases. If you do not wish to sync complete databases to an iOS device, you have the option of setting up Sync to only download selected groups or documents, while downloading to the iOS device only the metadata of the other documents – and you will have the option of downloading any of the latter should you wish to do that later.

You guys have just released a new version that you obviously (and rightfully) are very proud of. I know from experience that just after release it’s not fun hearing people complain and whine that this and that sucks. I just hope that in a couple of weeks, after you have recovered from lack of sleep and partying, you’ll come to realize that the hyperlink-based help system is severely deficient, and in no way a proper substitute for a proper manual (or even a video tutorial).

I have spent a good amount of time jumping through the hyperlinks to read the fragmented instructions, and I still have no clue how to replicate in v. 2 a behavior somewhat similar to that of the Mobile Sync. folder in v. 1. In fact, I still don’t know if this is possible at all.

Trust me, there has been no partying yet. Lack of sleep? Definitely.

Also, the Help system is the Apple approved resource system and has benefits over a hard resource, like PDFs. That being said, we are making the DTTG2 documentation available in a PDF but it’s not ready yet.

To answer your question - Yes, it’s possible: The Mobile Sync folder is not used by DEVONthink To Go 2 (DTTG2). If you have the Pro Pack purchased (see DTTG2’s Settings > Manage), you can set your Sync location to Download Files: On demand. This will cause databases Synced from this location to Sync only the metadata (what we call in-house, a “shallow Sync”). Going into a Synced database in DTTG2, you can call up the Info popup for specific Groups and set Download Files to Always. This mimics the functionality of the Mobile Sync folder.
(Note: The Mobile Sync folder is a special folder which you cannot set this option for in DTTG2. If you wanted to continue to use a similar mechanism, you could create a new Group and move the Mobile Sync contents into it, then set this to Always in DTTG2. I’m not saying this is suggested. I’m saying you could do this, if desired.)

Does this mean that, contrary to mobile sync option and besides “local network sync”, I have to upload an entire DT database to my chosen cloud account in order to download few files on my iOS device?

Yes and no. You can’t really “download a few files” to DEVOnthink To Go 2. You will download all files, but choose between Contents and Metadata or Metadata only.

Hi Jim,
This is (if I understand correctly) disheartening. Here I thought I could sync to DropBox just those files I need to have available while I’m on the other side of the globe in Thailand. Now it seems there is no way to do so outside of duplicating each file and group I want available into a new, separate, dedicated “DTPO-Dropbox” database.

My DropBox cannot hold all the separate databses. I only need a select few groups and files from certain ones.

Am I missing something? I sure hope so!

I leave Monday morning so please reply ASAP!

Joseph R. Roberson

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