Modify Creation date

I’ve been scanning bank statements and receipts and for sorting purposes have set the creation date as the date of the receipt/statement. Since I’m working on 2007 documents, as an oversight, I forgot to change 2008 to 2007 on some. What is the easiest way to change that date in DTPO? Is it something done at the Finder level? Third-party app?


There are scripts available in our academy to do this:

Exactly what I needed! Thank you. I’ve installed the Set Date script and it works great.

The date scripts do not work for me on DTPO 2.0PB7 (didn’t tried before).

I’m filling my database with Fujitsu Scansnap (PDF+Texte). DTPO OCR pref “Define attributes” unchecked to use the multi-documents tray of the scanner. But then, in DTPO, I fill the info for each document and want to set the date, in case of letters, to the actual date printed on the letter.
So with document selected, I invoke the “Modify creation date” from the script menu. But nothing happen!

Is this a known issue in beta ? I’m on 10.6.2, french system.

I’m still running 10.5.8 and b7 and on my system it works.

Single click the item you want modified, run the script and it should prompt to change the date. I’m running the English version, so if it’s a localization issue, the devs will have to chime in. Maybe it’s a 10.6 issue, I can’t test that for you.