Modify the appearance of markdown text in the edit pane

I am using the following to highlight text in a markdown file.

{==<span style=“background-color: #FFFF00”>highlighted text</span>==}

This works as far as the preview pane goes. In the preview pane the text is highlighted in yellow.

But in the edit pane everything from “<span…” through “…/span>” is now highlighted in yellow. It appears to highlight the text in the edit pane in yellow whenever a span tag is inserted.

I use a night theme (white text on black background), so the white text is hard to see in the portions that are highlighted in yellow. I have been trying to change the font color in the edit pane to black for those portions. Is there a way to do this? Or is there a better solution? I would like to continue to use the night theme.

I have attached to DEVONthink a css file that modifies the appearance in the preview pane. But I am looking for a way to modify the edit pane. In preferences I have made changes to the fonts in the edit pane, but I don’t see a way to change the font color only when a span tag is added. If I could find a way to prevent the highlighting of the text in the edit pane when a span tag is added, then I wouldn’t need to change the font color.

That’s a glitch that will be fixed by the next maintenance release.

Ok. Thanks. I found that a work around for now is to delete one of the curly brackets (to be able to see the code while editing it) and then typing the curly bracket again when finished.