Modularised smart rules - How to call common smart rules from within the middle(!) of other smart rules

I need frequently used smart rules snippets to be called from within an ongoing other rule process.

There is a number of common rule actions I like to be part of many other conditionally triggered rules - like backing up the original name before renaming, logging the action to a log field etc.
Instead of the error prone task to insert and maintain these same sequences within many rules I would like to outsource them to a separate smart rule modules.

What did I try?

  • yes, there is a smart rule action apply smart rule – which however then passes the command to the new rule and never comes back to the original procedure.

  • Next I tried to call the very smart rule “module” from an execute script action with perform smart rule – the very called “sub”-smart rule would never be carried out

    • here via the execute script :AppleScript the called sub smart rule would never come to action
    • nor when via execute script : external using an external script in the smart-rule-folder
    • even when I then try to indirectly call a script to then run script another script to call the smart-rule, no avail
  • but when I call the same rule from an external apple script it works fully like expected

Is DT preventing any of smart-rules sub calls?
This successfully prevents my automation

Am I missing out on something?
Is there any workaround?

Any Idea how to have a modularised smart-rule collection?

This should actually work as that’s exactly the use case for this action. A screenshot of both rules would be great.