Module & Scanner for local search (spotlight)

I think it would be quite handy to have a module & scanner for a local search too.

I would create a combined search for the web and local documents together.

An example might show the benefits of this approach.
Today I had to find out some advanced information about a special barcode workflow to be implemented. I was sure I would find some relevant information in my file system , some in my mails, some in some DevonThink DBs and some in the web. All together in one DevonAgent search would be a lot easier to handle.
This setup could be improved further if there would be a scanner which compares the URLs of the DT or filesystem docs and compares these to the results from other scan modules and shows equivalence or differences.

Thank you for the suggestion, we’ll consider this for future releases. But there’s already a workaround:

  1. Index your local documents & archive your emails in DEVONthink Pro Office
  2. Enable DEVONthink Pro Office’s web server
  3. Create a new search set, add the desired Internet sources (e.g. Google or Bing) and Browser > DEVONthink Pro Office to the search set