Mojave - Take Photo or Scan Documents

Hi all,

In Apple’s Mojave OS and iOS 12, Apple has added the ability to Scan Pictures and Documents directly to many applications, including DTP. I see that I can create a new RTF, Formatted Note, or HTML Page and then right-click within the document and “Take Photo” or “Scan Documents” directly into the document using my iPhone as the source. The scanned PDF is now embedded into the document, which I must drag out of the document for it to be OCR’d and treated as an independent document.

This is great, however, I’d like to be able to scan a new PDF document from my iPhone, without it being embedded into a document. Can this be done? I’ve tried to Import from Scanner or Camera, but the iPhone doesn’t show up as an option.


The mobile device will show up when connected via Lightning cable.
Also note, you’re not going to scan a photo this way. (Technically, you’re never able to scan with a mobile device. That’s a misnomer.) It merely lists pictures in the camera roll to import. If you import to Scans & Images, you can perform OCR there.

Hey Jim,

Thanks for the response.

I have. SnapScan that I normally use to bring documents into DTP, but it’s not always convenient, so I was hoping to grab & use my iPhone. I’ll give using the Lightening cable a try, to see how that goes.

I also have Scanner Pro on my iPhone, and have it setup to auto import into my WebDav, however, I can’t find the documents via DTP, though it’s going to an “inbox”. Any thoughts there?


The iPhone may be convenient but the ScanSnap will still produce a better (and actual) scan.

Importing into WebDAV wouldn’t show anything in DEVONthink unless you were indexing that location in a database.

Makes sense. Will you point me towards documentation on Indexing a location on my WebDav, that’s not an existing database?

There’s no specific documentation on indexing WebDAV. It’s also something I would caution you about unless the WebDAV server was local to your machine. Indexing networked resources is less performant than local resources. On the same network is more feasible but it’s still dependent on the network connection.

Gotcha. Do you have a better automated suggestion on getting Scanner Pro scanned & OCR’d documents from my iPhone into DTTG or DTP? I’d welcome your advice.

I don’t have Scanner Pro on mobile, but Readdle’s Scanner Mini (which may no longer be available) can use a Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, etc. location (obviously not Evernote as listed there). Essentially, a cloud service that keeps a local repository on your machine should work for indexing files into DEVONthink.

Also, it appears to have workflows of some kind that allow you to upload to these locations that will sync back to your local machine. Again… local machine resources (are you getting the message :wink: :mrgreen: )

And these aren’t necessarily “automatic”, but “semi-automatic”.