More about sequential smart rules

I hinted at a problem here in someone else’s thread but the way in which that thread developed did not (understandably) address my problem. I am running DT3 beta 7 under macOS 10.14.6.

I have an encrypted database called JL with three folders called Photos, Video and Audio. When the database is open and a relevant file arrives on my MacBook Pro (running macOS 10.14.6) I drag it to the DT3 inbox to be the subject of the following smart rule:


That rule works perfectly with jpeg files—which are moved to the database and transferred to the Photos folder.

However there are two problems with the video and audio files. First, Classify never identifies those files so they remain in the root of the JL database. Second, any smart rule that seeks to move those files into the relevant folder does not work. Neither On Moving nor On Import will identify and move those files when directed at the root of the JL database and when those files are moved there by the first smart rule.

Am I expecting too much or simply doing something incorrectly?


Smart rules (or scripts) don’t trigger other smart rules, otherwise the results could be easily unpredictable. In the worst case the rules would be trapped in an endless cycle.

Thank you for the quick response. I appreciate what you say. However, why will Classify never classify the video and audio files? Surely there has to be some way to do what I need to do (without getting involved with scripting)? :slight_smile:


Only image and text content can be classified.

Thank you.