More direct workflow with Epson ScanSmart?

After feeding so many pages for so many years through my Fujitsu ScanSnap, I literally wore its irreplaceable rollers out and had to replace it. I got an Epson ES-400 which is in many ways nicer and more reliable. But the Fujitsu software could scan directly into DevonTHINK Pro Office with a push of the button on the scanner. With the Epson ScanSmart software, I have to a) press the Save action, b) Verify and OK the Save, and c) attach a Folder Action to the Save folder to get it imported into DEVONThink. That is three extra steps in my workflow. For one or two receipts that is not a problem but when trying to shove a whole file cabinet of documents into it, that’s a major pain.

Epson ScanSmart has preinstalled actions for Box, DropBox, email, Evernote, Google, and Microsoft. That leads me to believe there is somewhere a modular actions architecture. Has anybody discovered what or where that is and created a DevonTHINK Pro action that would at least reduce the flow to one button?

Is there a reason why you are not using the inbuilt scanning functionality in DEVONthink? This should work with any Epson scanner using the File->Import->From Scanner or Camera menu.

Because that invokes the built-in Image Capture module, which has even more steps (and less saving of defaults) than the Scan Smart app.

I did try installing the Document Capture app but it was not better. From watching the videos, the setting I want (Send action: Application) exists in Document Capture Pro—but that isn’t supported for the ES-400, just the ES-300 and ES-500 (and may not be supported on the Mac at all).

The Smart Scan app has a plug-in architecture that supports Evernote, Dropbox, and other services, but I don’t see that anybody has written a plug-in that emulates the Send to App function of Fujitsu ScanSnap or Epson Document Capture Pro.

Developing a plugin to the might be an option we consider in the future, however I believe that you can do everything you need in the DEVONthink scanning module.

If you want to scan a document you can configure the scanning module to create a new document and after the scanning is complete you can either review it or press save to OCR the document (if you have DEVONthink Pro Office ) and save to a database and location of your choice.

When I’m processing large quantities of similar documents (emptying a file cabinet, say) what I’d like to do is to drop the documents into the sheet feeder, have them scanned, saved, and added to DevonTHINK without having to click even once on the screen. Fujitsu, despite their unmaintained and flaky app, did this well. Scan Smart makes me click twice plus I need a folder action set up. Image Capture would require both a menu pick or keystroke to initiate, then one or two clicks to store. My goal is zero user interaction (and even a Scan Smart plugin would only get it down to one.)

A bulk document scan option in DEVONthink may be an option for a future release. Are you using a blank page as a separator between documents?

I am thinking of replacing my ScanSnap scanner which is getting a bit long in the tooth & came across this thread. When I look at the File->Import menu I can’t see an option for Scanner or Camera. Has this been removed form the latest versions of DT or do I have to do something to make it appear?

You can access image capture supported devices from the Import button as show below. There are various options to scan a single page or document and import to DEVONthink.

Screen Capture 23 Feb 2023 at 10.07.25

I’m assuming the available options are dependent on the scanner driver (have done a test scan using an all-in-one device & it seems very limited!).
Has the File → Import scanner option disaaayered then?



This command doesn’t exist since version 3.0, use View > Sidebar > Import instead (or click on the third icon above the sidebar like on the screenshot)

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