More Economical Server Options

I’m a single user with a couple of DT3 licenses. I have many Macs but only use one at a time. I also have a couple of PCs that I’d like to access DT3 from. Again, I only use one of my Macs/PCs at a time.

In order to access DT3 from a PC, I’d have to upgrade my license to DT3 Pro Server, which is a $300 price increment over a DT3 Pro license (i.e. excessively expensive for a single user).

Would there be any way to create a “limited connections” version of DT3 Pro Server? For example, a “DT3 Pro Price + $99” for a Pro Server version that allows no more than two simultaneous external connections to the Web Server?

Thanks for listening.

Maybe there will be such an option in the future but for now there are no such plans.

I have a similar problem. I have Macs at home, work, and a laptop. As a personal user the cost of an extra seat is out of reach so I end up only using DTTG at work. My request is that you consider increasing the number of seats to three to accommodate us.

Perhaps I’m unique with this problem? If anybody else has the same issue would mind posting a “me too” please.

If you only use one of your computers at a time then you could leave your main Mac on all the time and use a VNC viewer to remotely access that Mac from either another Mac or from a PC.

The OP was discussing use of the Server edition.

Also, the majority of our clientele have two Macs, whether two of their own or one each for spouses, children, etc.

Having a work Mac would be considered a business use and an additional seat would be needed to license three.

True but VNC can be spotty performance-wise unless you’re using it in a limited fashion.

Agreed - A remote desktop server such as is superior to VNC for any number of reasons including better stability and support for multiple logged in users in the background - but that costs money too. VNC is free and/or very low cost.

VNC is free and/or very low cost.

True but you do get what you pay for :slight_smile:

I use Nulana’s Remotix here.

I don’t actually use DT for business but I take your point. I will just have to live with it as is. Thanks for replying.

You’re welcome and yes, a line had to be drawn somewhere so we went with our metrics and plenty of deliberation.
Also, if we gave three, people who have four Macs would want an extension to four as well. And yes, we’ve had people expect more than four licenses on purchase :open_mouth: