More flexibility to viewing the content of groups/subgroups?


I am wondering if it would be possible to enhance the flexibility of viewing the content of groups and subgroups in DT, namely an option to just click on a group and see all of the content for this group and all subgroups in this group (at the moment you just see files at the level of the group and a ‘folder’ for each subgroup). I am aware that I could double click on the top group, expand all and then select all to see all the files, but am looking for a simpler method.

You can get a clearer idea of what I’m on about in this thread:




In three panes view, selecting a group, its children and descendants, will show a listing of all records in that combined selection of groups in the list pane (upper right). The selection does not have to be group + children, however. The selection can be discontiguous. Usd cmd-click to select/deselect any number of related or unrelated groups, and the records will be listed in the list pane. This browsing feature is enhanced further when combined with View > Cover Flow.

Thanks Korm. Yes, I have got my head round this way of selecting files, but I was hoping that just selecting a parent group in the three panes view would show all children/descendants without having to expand all subgroups and select all. Of course if I want to target a specific combination of groups then the expand all/cmd-click method comes in handy. But if I just want to view everything for a parent group I was hoping for a simpler method.

That’s definitely been suggested/discussed before, though I forget if Dtech mentioned a reason for the current behavior/limitation.

hm… some way to view groups and sub-groups as more of a TOC like the word document map? the nslistview or whatever it’s called, sorting documents by name, date, and such isn’t working well. not so fitting for trying to write. for viewing the document, having a group selected, and then viewing the consolidated notes sort of like one document, with each note being a heading 1, 2, 3, or something, and then drag and drop to sort would be nice… something like that.