More integrated annotations / linked files

In my limited experience with DT, this is my number one complaint. There needs to be a more integrated solution for taking notes on a file. If not a separate annotation/note function, an enhanced version of the existing RTF Annotation note would work great.

  1. Whenever I view a file, I would like the option to have it’s associated annotation notes automatically open in tabs or windows.

  2. Whenever I view a file or an annotation note, I would like to automatically see a list of all associated annotations or files in the Info panel or elsewhere. This is most important. Right now you only have the URL field or the bar above the document which can only contain one link and is not updated if you delete an annotation file.

  3. The URL field should no longer be used. It’s not flexible enough. DT should maintain bi-directional links elsewhere that allow for multiple annotation notes to be linked to files.

A great example of this implementation is in the program SOHO Notes. They have a similar info bar on the right side that has three expandable sections for tags, comments and attachments. While viewing a file, you can drag any other file to the attachments section and it creates a bidirectional link. You can also right click in this window to create a new doc that is automatically linked to the file you are viewing. When viewing a file with attachments the name of each attached file shows up in this area and you can double click it to open it in a new window. You can seemingly link any number of files to one file and all their names are listed in this window. It’s a many-to-many relationship. As you view a file that has attachments or links it also highlights the file name of all linked files that exist in the main file list window as you navigate your folders. This feature is probably the best thing about SOHO Notes.

I desperately hope something like this makes it into DTP.


The SOHO Notes features you mention are very interesting. Thank you.

So how do you guys split files or take notes (etc)?

If I do a search in DTPO and come up with lists of documents, I often want to take out paragraphs and sentences from the document to contain a smaller document within DTPO. I’m not sure what to call the process. But it seems to be a pain.

If I click the “rich text” icon, a rich text is created, but it seems to be created in the inbox. Then I have to go find it and paste my new text to it. But this takes time and then I have to go back to my original search! It’s rather laborious.

I am missing something simple? I hope so.

Thanks - Ryan

I use the annotation tool in the templates section under Data.

Oh my - That’s perfect. Complete with some metadata to make the note easy to find.

Thanks for letting me know. - Ryan