More intelligent use of labels

I find it useful to label outstanding items as “To Do” but then I have to keep them in the Inbox until I’ve dealt with them. It would be good to be able to file the items but still have the option to do a global search for all items labelled “To Do” (or, of course, any other label).

Since I use the database on two computers, I’ve noticed that the label titles are not linked to the database but to the program on the individual machine. So it’s possible to have different label names on each computer.

If the label system were to be treated as “categories” (such as in Microsoft Entourage) it could be another useful tool for selection. I think it would improve the project management capabilities of the system.

There is probably a workaround for this, given that DevonPro is so powerful and I’ve only scratched the surface but…

If I’m correctly understanding what you’re saying, you could do a smart group that grabs all items of a certain label (“To Do”) that are unchecked, and then they’ll disappear from your inbox when you check them and refresh the group. You can also search or create a smart group that grabs all items with a certain label.

Does that help?

Certainly does. I will give it a try, and thanks.