More keyboard shortcuts on iPad

The app is very hard to use when a keyboard is attached. Magic Keyboard trackport support is ok-ish, but the dragging and dropping things still feels unnatural and laggy.

Keyboard shortcuts I’d love to see in DTTGO (coming from the Mac version):

  • Toggle edit to select documents instead of clicking “Edit”
  • Quickly group selected documents into a new group that I can name (not the current auto group feature)
  • Quick move to group
  • Quick jump/open group
  • Rename (right now we have to click on “Info”, then type a new name) and other document manipulations
  • Set selected text as document title
  • Don’t hijack CMD+TAB - the app often doesn’t let me tab into other apps and I have to use gestures to switch

… and I’m sure there are a lot more

Currently DTTGO really is more of a viewing app. It would be really great if I could just use my iPad to organize documents with my morning coffee instead of having to use my Mac.

Can we have more keyboard shortcuts on DTTGO on iPad please? :slight_smile:

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At least edit works, with cmd-E

Plus one for all of these plus a few more:

We can navigate through files right now but it requires option + command and the up or down keys. Why not just use the up and down keys?

Similarly, for renaming files, I would love to just use enter. These are the common functionalities across finder, even on ios, and would make navigating files and folders much easier on DTTG

I presume “Toggle edit to select documents” means below:

I support your “Don’t hijack CMD+TAB”.

Just to share my experience — I use Globe+ArrowLeft in such cases.