More newbie questions

Can someone tell me why on my laptop my global inbox has 1,500+ files, but on desktop only 12? It must be a setting issue.

Thanks, GR

Why should the counts be the same? Perhaps there is more to the story.

Well thanks for the cryptic response. I’m a newbie. I want to be able to see my database and I can’t. What am I doing wrong?

Can you please say more? I do not understand what you mean when you say that there is a difference between what on the face of it there is no reason for them being so. Why should the inbox of DEVONthink have the same files as are on the desktop of your computer as DEVONthink will only have stuff in it that you put there. Also it would be helpful if you put a more descriptive line in the subject line as this will help people to find your problem in the future :slight_smile: . Cheers.

Yeah, maybe you should set up a sync to synchronize the contents, see > menu bar > Help > Tutorials > Synchronizing.
Or did you already synchronize and did you start the sync on both machines?

We can only guess. As you didn’t mention synchronization at all, your post is rather … hm … cryptic. :wink:

My point is: if I knew the issue was one of synchronization, then I would ask that. I didn’t but I guess do know. I had presumed as since I’m working on the same database, saved on Dropbox, on multiple machines that its content would be the same. Is this not the case?

Your Global Inboxes on different Macs are not the same databases, nor are they saved on Droppbox-they are located in the DEVONthink Pro 2 folder in your user library, Application Support folder.

The database(s) that you do have stored on Dropbox should not be-you are asking for data corruption. Dropbox can be used as a syncStore for syncing databases, but the databases themselves should never be located on Dropbox.