More options for displaying "State" please

I use the three panes view for much of what I do. I want to see the state of documents in the top right pane. But I DON’'T want to see the state in the sidebar on the left.

I just wish I could show the state in one and not another.

Let me explain a problem it has caused me more than once …

When clicking between overlapping windows I have occasionally clicked on the state column by mistake in the window I am clicking on. When that relates to, say, a tag with 300 items, of which, say, 80 are flagged it is a big big problem. I use the flags to immediately identify the highest quality pieces of information.

By clicking on the state column at that point I either switch on the flag for all 300 items, without intending to. Or I switch off the flag for all 300 items, without intending to.

And usually I do not have time to figure out AGAIN which items were merited a flag, and which items didn’t. Big headache. Lots of classification destroyed in a fraction of a second. And this could be solved in an instant if I didn’t have the state showing in the sidebar, while still being able to see the state in the top right hand pane.

Please can you enable this modification. I can’t imagine it’s a major task.

Thanks for the suggestion, we’ll consider this for future releases. However, it’s of course already possible to undo this.

I hadn’t realised that “undo” could be applied to several hundred items simultaneously. Even knowing that, you’d have to notice that you’d actually done it. I’ve done it on occasion without noticing … until a lot later when suddenly you notice that nothing is flagged, when you knew they were before!

If you can incorporate this improvement I will be very pleased. For one thing it will prevent the effects of possibly changing the state of hundreds of items unintentionally. It will also look a lot less cluttered … which aids productivity.