More Robust Full Screen mode

While I understand that the emphasis of DT isn’t exactly on the writing aspect of projects, I do think that there can be a few more options. Something like a typewriter-esque mode (text is always centered) would make me happier to edit/write in DT. Something I believe that DT could do excellently, like no other similar app, would be to have two documents open at the same time (one top of the other, 60%, 40%) - presumably to have one to reference off the other. With DT’s abilities to find similiar items and auto classify, it seems only like it would be a natural extension of DT to be able to natively and comfortably edit those two items. Or when writing a research paper, a user can have one document be his own paper, and an other document be whatever text he’s referencing. Ideally, one might be able to also mark documents and select through them with a contextual menu.

What do you think?