More text-editing convenience


DT is really a great product. There are some features which I would like to see in future releases. Please emphasize notetaking and journailing functionality. I am writing my labjournal with DT. Thats great because you have your notes, drafts and "journal"-entries next-door to your scientific literature.

  • A additonal customizable toolbar for RTF-Text-editing: Including bold, italic, text-align, font-size etc. More important: Buttons for subscript and superscript, since there functions are not accessible through keyboard-shortcuts. ( I am writing a lot of chemical formulas like H20 …)

  • Simple tables and lists. (for buffer compositions  ;) )

  • Color labels

Thats it. Continue yout great work and count me in for the standard edition.

One very simple change I’d like to see: make the choice of Editable in the View menu stick between launches of DT. It’s a pain having to make the menu choice every time you launch the program.

Actually this should work (and works fine here). Does the choice always revert to editable or non-editable on your machine? Could you please try to delete the preferences file and check what happens? Thanks!

Thanks very much. It seems to be working now. I’m really impressed with how DevonThink is coming along. If it’s not tempting fate, do you have an estimated release date for the standard edition?