More unify inbox options

I like that there is now a preference to “Unify inboxes”.

However, I would like the following: the ability to display inboxes both in the “Globals” section and also within the “Open Database” section within the individual databases at the same time. Currently, DT only allows a binary option: either inboxes in the Globals is available or the inboxes are available in the individual databases.

Here’s my workflow:

  1. Almost all data is imported into the Global Inbox
  2. I then quickly go through the Global Inbox and move files into the inbox of the individual databases. With the current settings in DT, I have to check “Unify inboxes” in order to have the global inbox close to the database groups to make it easy to move files easily.
  3. At some point, either during step 2 or later on, I will go through each database inbox and think about/file each item appropriately. With the current settings in DT, I have to uncheck “Unify inboxes” in order to have the database inbox close to the groups in the database so that it’s easy for me to move the files without scrolling.

This workflow above allows me to “silo” my thought process by triaging items into the correct database inbox and then go through the database inbox when I am mentally prepared (e.g. getting things done).

It also helps mitigate the amount of scrolling in the current DT3 sidebar view. If I were to move files directly from the Global Inbox to the relevant group in a database, I would need to scroll “endlessly” to get to the right place from the Globals section to some point in the Open Databases section (with the need to bypass open databases with open groups - too much thought active thinking required to know which database you currently are bypassing).

I am not sure how this fits into a the long thread regarding the lack of a “Three Pane View”.

Have you tried the Data -> Move To … command to achieve moving individual files? It might suit your workflow, if I understand correctly.

Thanks for the very helpful suggestion; it looks like it will work well. I like that it groups all the inboxes together and there is no need to drag-and-drop the file.

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You’re welcome.