More View Options (Remove omnipresent preview window occupying 2/3rds of screen)

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I wrote some time back about asking for 3 pane view on DTTG and I still would like this very much. Navigating databases is significantly harder than it needs to be with only a single group view at a time and 3 pane view makes easier navigation of your information.

However I too am now writing to ask that different view layouts be included. Just at DTPO has the option to view files as tiles, rows, slide-over, icons, etc. This is desperately needed. I can’t triage files effectively just by their name. I often don’t rename files. I tag them. I need better options for the display of a file as-it-is in a group, without preview. Something similar to Apple Notes rich bookmark saving would be wonderful as it captures a snapshot image of the web content for display AS THE ICON, which means I can compare items side-by-side. Preview only lets me view one-at-a-time.

Right now navigation and database display options are sincerely lacking in DTTG and there’s this HUGE UNSIGHTLY empty 2/3rds of the screen being wasted. I can see that this was an easy solution from the iPhone DTTG, just leave off the extra space for preview. But unless I’m previewing a file I really do not want to ever see or want the preview pane to occupy the majority of my screen real estate, which, quite frankly, I only need to use because of the poor viewing and navigation options, sincerely.

I suppose lack of 3 pane view wouldn’t be so bad if it weren’t so difficult to actually asses the contents of a single group. There’s really no good reason as to why contents aren’t displayed as entire rows spanning the screen with metadata along the row, like every other file navigation system ever. Or tiles. Or icons. Right now it feels like I’m staring at an iOS reminders list. Just please, kill the ever-present preview pane!

Right now competitor Keep It provides a more accessible experience, web-content have preview icons spanshots and lets individual entries be viewed as tiles…

Umm… touch the item count for a database or group. What do you see?

oh my god :man_facepalming:t4: this is unintuitive. how many more basic features am I currently coping without because they’re invisibly behind design decisions ? I’m going to have to rethink my usage of this app again to decide as to whether this is sufficient to warrant it being front-and-Center of an iPad productivity system. Too much “companion-app” and not enough “productive-app” :confused: I don’t think its enough and the alternatives I’ve found already offer another killer feature: folder and file sharing

yep. time for you to move on to what works for you.

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Keep it

  • Native iOS iCloud Drive integration (no separate sync store)

  • file and folder sharing (without expecting strangers to purchase DTPO)

  • dark mode (allelujah)


  • scan-to-app

  • SAVE TO FOLDER ON CLIP (instead of only label/tag/database)


And whatever more I will discover in the next few days hat I somehow told myself it’s “okay to live without because See-Also is amazing” even though you can’t benefit from it on the app!

DTPO has been relegated for index only use when I need to use see also on my MacBook. My fault for trying on too many things.

Keep It’s native iCloud Drive integration looks tempting, as long as iCloud Drive sync and only iCloud Drive sync fits your needs. There are no other options to sync your data, and even then, you need to have Keep It installed to access your data. It doesn’t create folders in your iCloud Directory that are visible to you if Keep It is not installed.

The biggest non-starter for me is that there is one and only one database. So in my case, if I want to have my household data, financial data, health data, my culinary hobby data, my semi-professional woodworking data, academic data, and professional data in a database app, Keep It forces me to have it all in One. Big. Database. Suffice to say, at a minimum searches and tagging become useless.

Keep It, especially the mobile app, looks compelling until you try to get real work done with it. DEVONthink’s development has been focused for a while now on the macOS app, but I’m confident that significant improvements are coming to DEVONthink to Go.


Welcome to the world of iOS and the “discoverability problem” of touch interfaces. On the Mac there’s always the menu bar which lets you discover features. On iOS not so much.

For example it took even Daring Fireball’s John Gruber years to discover the long-press gesture on the space bar that lets you move the insertion cart like with a track pad.


Wow! Didn’t know that! Made my day if not week!

Ain’t learning stuff fun?


This functionality has been updated and now long press anywhere on the keyboard activates moving of the cursor.

It was true for some instalments of iOS on space at only but not since a while

And I didn’t know that. Confirmed that iOS has a discoverability problem if you don’t want to plaster buttons all over the screen. The new iOS 14 menus could make things a bit better.

Damn good thread this is - I learnt two things :+1:t3:

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I can’t confirm that - certainly on my iPad when using Safari only the space bar provides said functionality.

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