Mountain Lion crashes - extent of problem?

I’ve been in contact with the team at DT on this already, but wanted to get a sense of how widespread it is and, perhaps, whether it might be a problem with my system.

Since upgrading to 10.8, I’m getting random crashes in DTPO, often after I’ve just imported webarchives directly from Safari using the bookmarklet. The response I got from DT was that it was related to 10.8’s Webkit framework and they will be addressing in upcoming releases.

The problem is that it’s left me a but nervous about using DTPO as I would rather not have a crash corrupt a database. And for this reason, I’m using only one database at a time (I have 10 in total), which isn’t exactly ideal.

Anyone else?

New user here, I am getting this problem too.
Its showing its head when I am archiving RSS stories I want to keep.

I am sitting here trying to decide whether to achieve as web or pdf, guess this has made the choice for me :slight_smile:

Also get the problem if I select a load of messages and then try to convert to RTF.

Clip for Safari causes my machine to crash every time I open Safari.

I’m getting a DTPO crash every time I try to Send a scan from the the Image Capture window.


I’ve also been in touch with support about this problem. I save pretty much all the articles I come across on the web as WebArchives from Readability links, and DEVONthink crashes every single time I try to navigate away from such a document. So, I can open DT Pro and open one of these WebArchives to read and take notes, etc. but as soon as I try to navigate to a different document (no matter what kind), DT Pro crashes. This has made it next to impossible for me to work in DT Pro lately. :frowning:

For me, I don’t seem to have the same problem with other WebArchives (i.e., not generated from Readability links), but I might be wrong about that.

Has anyone figured out a work-around? I don’t imagine reverting to an older version of DT Pro would help, since it’s a problem with the OS, not the software.

Also, I can confirm that this problem isn’t limited to Mountain Lion. The same thing happens for me on my MBA running Mountain Lion and my iMac running the most recent update of Lion (which I presume includes the same WebKit update).

This is a big issue that must be adressed soon. Has it to do with the webkit?
Just a suggestion.