Mouse-less feed reading?

The only thing I’m used to do only with keyboard and without the mouse is reading RSS-feeds. Unfortunately I couldn’t find a way to do so with DT’s feed reading functionality. No matter which view I choose, at least I have to take the mouse to open the article’s full view. First I see a preview with minified text and than I cannot avoid to click the URL bar which opens the full article in the browser.

That is not really convenient. I hope that I overlooked the ideal way of feed reading the DEVONthink way and anyone will show me.

There is no golden way on this subject? Hmph! Any remedy?
Thank you

Command-Control-O will launch the URL.

Hi Jim.
Thank you for that hint.
I read your post at home and of course I tried it in no time (with the mac book). It worked like a charm.
How stupid I am!! I sat at my iMac in the office, tried any keyboard shortcut I can imagine and forgot »ctrl-cmd-o«!

This morning I tried that shortcut with my iMac as well - and nothing happens. That makes me glad because perhaps I’m not as dull as I thought and it disappoints me at the same time as I have to search again.

This is a built-in shortcut. It should work unless you have creaed conflicting shortcuts y other means.

PS: Not that it’s necessarily going to fix this issue but be kind, reboot your Mac every once in awhile. :smiley:

CMD-CRTL-O launches the link in my browser. Is there a way to keep in in the DT browser?