Mouse-up versus mouse-down in web page toolbar buttons

I’m using DA v2.3.1.

I just noticed that several of the buttons in the web page toolbar don’t behave as I would expect. My expectation is that when I press the mouse button over a toolbar button, the toolbar button only hilites, but doesn’t actually do anything until I release the mouse button while my mouse pointer is still over the button.

If I move the mouse pointer off the toolbar button before releasing the mouse button, the toolbar button should no longer appear hilited and there should be no effect from releasing the mouse button.

What I’m observing instead is that if I click a toolbar button like the “Delete Result” button, the result is deleted immediately, even before I release the mouse button. This could be frustrating for users, especially if the click was intended for the “Next Result” button.

Thanks for the feedback, the next release will improve this.