"Move All Instances To Trash" mis-named?

I’ve been deep-diving on tags, groups, replicas, duplicates and some of the subtleties about move/copy/drag etc. with replicas and tags.

One (minor) issue I’ve found is the “Move All Instances To Trash” command. The Inspector pane contains an “Instances” button that shows both the number of duplicates and replicants for an item. This would lead me to assume “Instance” means “duplicate or replicant”.

However, “Move All Instances to Trash” actually only ever moves replicants to the trash, it never moves duplicates. I think this is correct behavior, but I think the command should really be renamed “Move All Replicants To Trash” since this is what it really does (or, at least, what the docs say and my testing also shows).

Yes, its a minor point, but I was actually quite scared that it would trash duplicates as well (which is what the name suggests), which would not be good imho.

The command trashes indeed only replicants and is named like this since version 1. Of course the name could be easily changed if more people agree that it’s an issue.

It’s not an issue for me, but the change would more accurately describe what the command does.

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As I said, it’s very minor, but it did scare me a little as it seemed to imply it would delete duplicates too (which would not be good).

Here is my +1 for renaming. I‘ve struggled with it too. I‘m now used to it but new or less frequent users might be irritated by the current naming.

The next release will probably rename it.

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