Move database and preferences to new macbook?

I am trying to create a system without history. I’ve been upgrading hardware, OS, apps, etc. for around 20 years. New computer affords the opportunity to clean up if I can migrate apps including preferences that may have been set, installed fonts tht are used, etc. It is a mess, but have worked with several Apple engineers who advise this is the only way to go. (Hoping to resolve very random restart, fail to wake, etc. behaviors.

Currently running Sierra (latest build) and DevonThink Pro Office 2.11.2. New system - Would like to install Mojave possible upgrade to Catalina. Not picky at this point. Probable upgrade to DTPO 3.x in future - have not been able to figure cost. (Also, 3rd dog now diagnosed with cancer; eating financial resources.) Would export, import route be cleaner? (In either DTPO version.)

To tell the truth, my database is a total mess. (Modeled after my brain? :slight_smile: In particular, I cannot figure out what the heck is going on with RSS feeds. I don’t think I ever created one -heck, I don’t know how to or what they look like in terms of setup but… I have 80K items that have been added. Really a mess. Esp. as some of them look relevant to projects.

HELP! Please. So much to do and a computer that just decides it needs a break is less than helpful. Cannot use Migration Assistant to set up new MacBook. Apple believes my problems are related to software conflict. They have cut me off unless I get a clean system.

Thanks in advance. I’m sorry if this is garbled. I will be happy to answer any questions. (That’s if my computer doesn’t crash while I try. I have precipitously left many chats because of these problems.) I really need to fix this -almost 4 years of this behavior, except when it abates temporarily. Has persisted across hardware changes, hence software approach.


and DevonThink Pro Office 2.11.2.

The last version of DEVONthink Pro Office is 2.11.3. You should update before moving forward, including if you are going to upgrade to DEVONthink 3.

Also, If you upgrade to macOS 10.15 Catalina, the OCR component in Pro Office will no longer work, as discussed here:

Please download a new installer from here and replace your current version: DEVONtechnologies | Legacy Versions

Do not run a third-party uninstaller. If your browser isn’t set to open safe downloaded files, just double-click the ZIP file to decompress it. Then double-click the disk image to open it, and drag and drop the application into the /Applications folder, allowing it to overwrite the old version when you’re prompted.
(There is no danger to your data when you do this. (1) Your data is not stored in the application, and (2) we would not give you instructions that would jeopardize your data.)

Then hold the Option key and choose Help > Report bug to start a support ticket and we can talk a little more in-depth.

PS: Sorry about your pup :cry::broken_heart: