Move file to group by searching folder name

If I have a file selected there is an option in the right click menu to move it to a group. There doesn’t seem to be this option in the menu bar. I would like it in the menu bar because then I could quickly add a file to a folder by searching the menu bar. I have a keyboard shortcut to open up the help menu (where you can search)

So what I think would be a cool feature to add is either

  1. The ‘Move to’ menu in the menu bar
  2. Another way to search which folder you want to add the selected file to.

Nov-15-2016 10-49-27.gif

Try Tools > Show Groups & Tags.

I don’t see how that is any different than using this sidebar thing

It allows an open view of the databases and groups you can easily drag and drop into.

Groups and Tags can also remain open above all windows even when working Finder or other applications.

This is very useful for quickly importing one or more files into groups in your databases.

Or, press ⌥⌘ while dragging a file or folder to a destination in Groups and Tags and that file or folder will be indexed rather than imported.

Or in a browser (Safari is good for this) select text then drag it to Groups and Tags to copy the snippet along with its URL into DEVONthink as a rich text file.

To make Groups and Tags persistent, make sure Preferences > General > Interface > "Hide ‘Groups and Tags’ panel when inactive’ is not checked.