Move files into database and stop indexing group

I have an indexed group that I am trying to move into my database. I selected all of the files and chose ‘Move into database’ – but the folder itself still seems to be stuck as an indexed folder. The path of the files I moved into the database also still point to the external folder. I cannot see an option for ‘Move into database’ when I select the group and I cannot find any information about how to stop a group from indexing. Even though I moved all the indexed files that were in the database into the database, the groups that held the files still show up in a smart group looking for indexed items.

How do I remove all indexing from a database and move everything into the database, without losing the tags on the groups and files?

Selecting the enclosing indexed folder and choosing Move into database should be sufficient. Of course the indexed files have to be locally available (e.g. in case of cloud folders or network volumes) for this operation.

That does not seem to be working. I don’t see that option when I select the indexed folder (see screenshot) – but you can see from the screenshot that the icon for indexing is there. In addition, all of the files in the folder still have the indexed icon, but I have selected them all and used ‘move into database’.

I also know the groups are indexed because they are appearing in a smart group to find indexed groups:

Do I need to use the ‘Move to’ option and select the database I want to move them to? I am not sure if this actually moves the group into the database (i.e., turns off indexing) or just moves the indexed group around in the database.

Also, I checked and the files are all locally available.

Not all commands are available in the already very large contextual menu of the sidebar. But the contextual menu of the main view supports.

I have the same problem, and the main menu item “move into database” is not available for the group.

As @cgrunenberg mentioned, that command isn’t available in the contextual menu for the Navigate sidebar. It’s available in the item list (or what he called the ‘main view’).

Was this question ever resolved? I seem to be having the same issue.
I have a db group that was originally indexed to a folder on my mac. I selected all of the files and used ‘move into database’. That worked and it deleted the files from the mac folder as expected. However, if I add anything back to the mac folder, then they show up in the group in DT i.e. it is still indexing the folder.
Is there a way to turn off the indexing?


You just need to move the indexed group into the database, not just the files inside the group.

Thanks for the quick reply!
But how do I do that? If I select the group in the Sidebar, then go to the Data menu, then ‘Move into Database’ is greyed out as in the OP’s picture above.

Are you sure the files are really there in the external location. Right click on the indexed group and “Show in Finder”. If there, can you not just import them using normal methods and then delete the indexed group?

Curious to know why greyed out, but to get on with it, this might be a way forward.


If I understand correctly, the item list is accessed by Control-clicking on item, right?

If so, then I have also moved items into the database using this method, and it continues to index the entire folder. Can it be because I set the index to the folder and not the individual items?

Most likely you moved the files into the database, not the folder/group. But that’s necessary.