"Move to Folder" Automation


Does anyone have a good way to create a shortcut that will send files to a specific folder within DEVONthink?

I’ve been using Keyboard Maestro to help create other shortcuts for DEVONthink, and am trying to ponder the best way to accomplish this.


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Applescript is my goto tool
Do you have specific requirements for the destination Groups?

No requirements, I just want to send it to a “group” within DT (sorry for confusion, I said folder in original post). The goal is to be able to set up a macro to send selected item in DT to a specific DT group that I have designated for that particular macro.

Also, side note, since you said AppleScript is your goto tool – can you recommend a good resource to learn more about how to work with AppleScript? I really want to be able to use that more competently :grin:

I learn by having a need and searching for scripts on the internet
This is a great forum to ask questions
Here’s a sample to get you started

I use the attached Keyboard Maestro macro to move files selected in PATHFINDER. You’d need to modify one part of the last Execute AppleScript action if you use Finder instead.
If you can’t figure out how to do that, holler, but I am away from my main computer until next Tuesday and couldn’t help until then.

Comment.kmactions (831 B)

Keyboard Maestro Export

It may just be worth mentioning that, if you’re talking about files that are already selected in DEVONthink, the shortcut Ctrl + Cmd + M is quite a quick way to move files within DEVONthink. All you then have to do is to start typing the relevant folder name for it to appear in the popup.

I appreciate this may well not be sufficiently sophisticated for what it required in this case so mention only in case it’s useful to others following the thread.



Thanks for the feedback Stephen. Yeah that’s the method I’m currently using, but would love to find the more automated solution so that I can add it as a simple button on my Stream Deck, which will end up saving thousands of those keystrokes over time as I process my inbox (who knows, maybe millions since I’m now a die-hard fan of DEVONthink and plan on sticking around for years to come :joy:)

Hey thanks for the reply Roilan. I went to that link though and it didn’t work?

This is excellent, thank you! Will take me a little time to work through it, but I will report back after.

a shortcut that will send files to a specific folder within DEVONthink

But where are the files initially located?

In my DT global inbox. That’s kind of my GTD “To Process” folder, and I want to send them from the inbox to the various groups I want them to end up in. Same concept as the Ctrl + Cmd + M shortcut to “Move To…” function, but I want to cut out the keystrokes that it takes to perform the function that way.

Based on the thread that DTLow shared, I am thinking there is scriptable solution.

As you noted, DTLow’s script will be the better approach for what you’re trying to do. Mine operated on files in the file system, not in the DEVONthink inbox - I read your initial post too quickly I guess - and so what I was pointing you to wouldn’t have helped anyway.

Why don’t you add those groups as Favorites in DEVONthink’s Navigate sidebar then drag and drop to them as needed?

Actually I haven’t set up Favorites yet, that’s a good idea. Ideally for the move function though, I’ll find a way to stay on the keyboard and move the file with a single customized hotkey instead of drag and drop. For a few files it wouldn’t matter, but for processing hundreds of files per week, it will make a difference in cutting down on mouse time (or keystrokes, with the Ctrl + Cmd + M method).

Gotcha. Do you have the Streamdeck XL or MK2?

The XL!

Guys, got it!!

DTLow that thread you shared was very helpful, thank you.

Workaround is this – create tags for each group name that I want to move files to. Apply that [group name] tag to the file I want to move using a dedicated Stream Deck key. Then have a smart rule to drop all items with that tag into the desired group (using the “upon tagging” trigger). Single-key solution!

Thank you all for the help!

Very good :slight_smile: