Move To or Duplicate To, where large number of databases

I greatly like the right click “Move To” or “Duplicate To” command, but since I typically have 20 open databases, the list I then face is extremely long (in that each database also shows the first level of groups within it). Is there any way to be presented with a fully collapsed list of databases?

I can, instead, use the sorter, which has the behaviour I want, but it is not available as a right click command.

Another possibility is to use Data > Move To… instead.

Thank you. That does add key strokes, though. Might it be useful to have a preferences option as to how many, if any, levels of groups display with the Move To / Copy To command? (Or to put Data/Move To on the right click menu)?

Sure. But isn’t one shortcut to open the popover plus few keystrokes afterwards to find the right group usually much faster than navigating large and/or deep contextual menus?

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After opening Go > To Group… and detaching it from the window, you could also use this popover to file items via drag & drop.

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Thanks again. So it seems to me that:

  • The sorter always shows fully collapsed databases
  • Move To / Copy To right click command always shows first level Groups for all open databases (which for me is therefore several screens deep and unusable)
  • Go / To Group shows those groups in all databases already open, which can be useful, but again, is a bit cluttered because I don’t collapse my databases as often as I should.

I will try using the Go / To Group more, but I personally would like the option of a Move To or Copy To right click command that opened in a fully collapsed format as per the sorter. With non-unified inboxes and other first level groups, it gets me where I want to go pretty quickly. However, it is not so difficult to open the sorter and perhaps that is the answer!

Thank you, as always, for your help.