Move to Trash not working

For some reason I cannot “move to trash” certain files. I try multiple times but they remain. This is not true of every file, maybe 3 out of 5 I cannot trash. What might be going on?

Is there a sync active?

Does not appear to be. And I’ve tried over the course of days.

I tried to move one of the files to another DB, but it will not trash there either. It is not locked in any way…it is a very simple Rich Text doc.

Did you apply the lock icon to the files that won’t move?

No there is no lock.

Post a screen capture of what you’re handling.

Not much to it. If I select “Owen’s friend” (for example) and try to “move to trash,” nothing happens.

ok man. I updated, rebooted, and it seems to be working now! Sorry to trouble you!

No worries and glad to hear it’s working now.
Just one more data point supporting our advocacy of rebooting devices - both Mac and mobile - at least once a week :smiley:

yep! Lesson learned! Thanks!