Move vs Copy During Import

For the files that I import into DTP, I do not wish to keep a copy outside of DTP. However, when I import using Sorter or Groups, I’m left with two copies (a new one in DTP and the original). I then have to perform the extra step of deleting the original file via Finder. Are there any options for “moving” a file into a specific group vs “copying” a file?

Currently, the only “move” style import that I have found is to drag and drop onto ~/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink Pro 2/Inbox. That too, however, requires me to sort files from the Global Inbox to the appropriate group. Thanks!

I may have missed the option to move instead of copy files, but I don’t think it is possible to do this. What I do is select the files in the Finder and right-click, Save to DEVONthink. My import preferences in DT are set to Import>Destination>Select Group, so I file them from the HUD. Once I select OK, the documents are still selected in the Finder, so Command-delete moves them to the Trash. Not quite as fast as a single-step move operation, but not far from it either.

Is this possible yet? I just bought DT and am trying to switch over from Together, but I can’t find a way to move files instead of copy (which Together can do). This would be a great option to add if it isn’t already possible. Thanks!

So can Yep (from Ironic Software).

Just hold down the Command key and drag the file to the DTP Sorter and the file will move and not be copied. Works great.


That’s great, thanks for the tip! I’d still prefer to be able to set the default in preferences, but this is good enough for the time being.

Another method is to move files to the Global Inbox folder if “Global Inbox in Save Dialogs” in Help > Install Add-ons has been added:

Global Inbox in Save Dialogs.png