Moving data from Filemaker into DT Pro

That’s the question. I realize that I will lose the various fields I have – and I am happy to have most of the fields either lost or merged into one big one, but what I would like to do is get each record down to one field: one as the catchall and one that would become the title of the record in DT Pro. (I will do the merging ahead of time, btw.) I guess my best bet is to find some way to create text or rtf files out of Filemaker and them do a normal import into DT, but I am hoping that someone has encountered this exact same problem and solved it already. (Okay, I am being intellectually lazy: I don’t really want to have to work through this on my own.)


Personally, I would write a simple Applescript that iterated over all records in FM, picked out the fields that are of interested and then saved them to DT, something like this:

tell application "DEVONthink Pro"
	set newLocation to create location "/SomePlace"
end tell
tell application "FileMaker Pro"
	set recnr to the number of records
	repeat with ll from 1 to recnr
		set dtTitle to field "Program" of record ll
		set dtContent to field "Version" of record ll
		tell application "DEVONthink Pro"
			create record with {name:dtTitle, type:txt, data:dtContent} in newLocation
		end tell
	end repeat
end tell

Okay, I’m still pretty much an AS noob, so I’m going to have study on that script for a bit to understand how it’s working, but thank you very very much for suggesting and even drafting something for my request.