Moving database from Personal to Pro

I’ve been trying out the Personal version for the past week or so, and would like to try out the Pro version as well before deciding. However, the first time I opened the Pro version, I pointed it at some of the sample databases - how can I take the Personal database and switch it to the Pro? Thanks.

Sure thing.

[1] Locate your DT Personal database at ~/Library/Application Support/. Your database is the folder named “DEVONthink”.

[2] Select (don’t open) that folder and copy (Option-drag) it to your Documents folder.

[3] In your Documents directory, select (don’t open) the “DEVONthink” folder and press Command-I to open the Info panel.

[4] In the Info panel change the name, e.g. to “DT Pro Database.dtBase” (without quotes) and press Return. Close the Info panel. Notice that you now see a package file with the DT Pro logo.

Double-click on the new database file to open it under DT Pro.

Make this your default database. Select File > Database Properties. Near the top of the Database Properties panel check the option to make this the default database.

You are now good to go.

Thanks a lot. I’m playing with some databases, including one that will index all the mp3s I have sprawled over 120 GB of external hard disk and about 20 DVDs. This looks great!