Moving DTTG-created databases to desktop

For convenience’s sake, I’d like to create a database on DTTG so I can do my organizing on the go, but I would like it to “live” on my desktop machine in DTPO. I sync via Dropbox. Is this silly? If not, is there an easy way to do this?


I wouldn’t store your databases on your Desktop. The best place is a folder in your Home Directory. Also, you are free to create databases in DTTG2 and Sync them to DEVONthink on the Mac. You can also do it the other way.
Honestly, since you seem focused on the Mac being the “living” space, just make it on the Mac and import it into DTTG2.

When I said “desktop” I meant the machine, as distinct from iOS. I put all Mac-based databases in the Documents folder.

My question was less about the ideal situation and more about when I’m not near my Mac during the day. Is it better to wait and create the database on a more permanent hard drive? Does it really matter where a database is local vs remote?


In my opinion, what matters is (a) is a database securely and frequently backed up, regardless of where it resides, and (b) am I going to need this database on multiple platforms? Usually, for me, (b) is “yes” and so I create databases on in DEVONthink and then sync them up to DTTG. If I’m working on DTTG, I add documents to the Global Inbox and transfer them to another database (new or existing) later on when I’m back to the desktop, or I add documents to one of the databases I’ve synced. However, if I’m going to be away from the desktop for a day or more, and I’m going to be collecting/creating a lot of related files that do not belong in any other database, then I’ll create the database on the phone and sync it down later on. At that time, I’ll either keep it on the phone too, or remove it if I’m no longer going to need it.

As aways, the answer is “it depends” :wink:

That all makes sense. Thanks.

“Does it really matter where a database is local vs remote?”

It does if you store the actual database file on Dropbox, unless you don’t mind a corrupted file. As for putting the file in the Documents folder, if you run Sierra and have the settings set to back up the Documents folder to iCloud, that will also cause problems.

Thanks for the reminder. I knew before I installed Sierra that I wasn’t going to allow Desktop and Documents to be moved to the cloud. Definitely not ready for prime time, from what I’ve read.