Moving Folders, Documents, and Tags to New Database

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What is the easiest/cleanest way to move folders, documents, media, emails, and all associated tags intact, to a new database?

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Files/folders can be moved to a database either via File > Import > Files & Folders… and enabling the option to move the originals to the trash or by using drag & drop while pressing the Cmd modifier key.

Emails can’t be moved, only copied/imported. Which email client do you use?

@Smitty: If you are referring to moving items between databases…

In order to move large numbers of files between databases, it is always best to use File > Export > Files and Folders to a newly created folder in your Home directory.

  • Select the records to move in the source database.
  • Choose File > Export > Files and Folders and choose (or create) a folder in your Home directory. This is important as it keeps any ungrouped files from being mixed in with other files accidentally.
  • After the export is finished, switch to the destination database and choose File > Import > Files and Folders. Select the contents of the folder from Step 2, not the folder itself.

This should maintain the metadata for the files. When the process is finished (and a quick visual inspection is not a bad idea), I would do a Tools > Verify & Repair or a Tools > Rebuild Database to ensure the new database’s integrity.

Thank you Christian & Jim! Does this also include the tags?

No problem.

Metadata is preserved on export and import so the Tags will populate in the receiving database.

However, if you are creating documents directly in the Tags group - which we do not advocate doing, you would need to grab those Tag groups as well. Again - we do not suggest creating documents directly in Tag groups.

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You too. Cheers!

Follow up: I was able to move all the folders (i.e., groups) and tags w/o an issue, however, a number of these are nested folders in the old DB. These were not transferred over as they originally were; the nested folders were separated out and placed alongside all the other folders (groups) as if they never were nested to begin with.

When exporting and then importing, do nested folders remain? I’ve attached a screenshot to what was exported. I opened up the “Tag” folder/group, and then selected all of the folders contained within and imported. I didn’t import the DEVONtech_storage.

I am using Apple Mail. Thoughts?

Any thoughts on nested folders import/export? Thanks so much!

Just a follow up: when I export files/folders, all of the nested groups are not exported in the hierarchy I originally had. They all end up single folders/groups.

So for example, if I have GROUP A, nested inside are GROUP B and GROUP C. Upon export, GROUP A, B, C are no longer together but individual groups/folders upon export.

Is DTPO able to export nested groups/folders along with their documents, files and applicable tags?

Thanks in advance for your time.

It is able to preserve hierarchies, groups, tags on export. Here’s an example using the method of dragging the parent of a hierarchy to Finder.

Works the same way if File > Export > Files and Folders… is used

Does this look like what you are doing? Could you try this method and see what happens?

Hey Korm! Thanks so much for your time.

Yes, if I drag the parent to Finder (specifically, my Desktop), it works fine for the selected folder/group. I think I now understand why I was having trouble: I was under the impression if I selected my database and then went to File > Exporet > Files and Folders, the entire database and its contents, folder/groups, tags, etc would be exported. I did not realize I have to select each folder separately (or command - A to select them all at once)----and then go to File > Export > Files and Folder :blush: Your explanation pointed me in the right direction and helped me realize my mistake. :slight_smile:

Works fine now! Have a great rest of your weekend.