Moving from Daylite CRM to native Apple apps and DTpro/

I have been using a CRM since the mid 80’s starting with CATIV and finally for nearly 20 years on Daylte CRM single user mode. With the latest Catalina, the non cloud version has stopped being supported, but once you need a new computer or goto Catalina you were stuck. BTW, the app, has been bricked it seems by the developper TO NOT RUN on Catalina, even if it would work out of the box from an old version for an existing client users liscence. They seemed to have snuck in an upgrade over time that killed the app for anyone who needs a new computer. Imagine the nerve of such a company and on top it makes one wonder if auto updates is a good thing, think HP printers latest bungle.

Daylite with Mail integration allowed you to import emails to Daylite on the fly and as well either sending or receiving and all the emails were held under the email account in the contact file… Great system.

Now to subject at hand, trying to get the data out of this CRM from a contact list is easy enough but the documents, PDF’s etc are buried in their structure will be a pain.
Any suggestions on how to duplicate email integration in DT?

Any comments suggestions are more than welcomed


The Pro & Server editions of DEVONthink 3 support only importing/archiving of emails from supported email clients (e.g. Apple Mail) but neither sending nor automatic archiving. DEVONthink 3 includes also a plugin for Apple Mail to easily add selected messages/mailboxes to DEVONthink 3.

I would simply like a functionality like PRINT TO DT, and keep the email formated the same &/or PDF, to properly function without hokus pokes and divination to know if it is working or not …

Anyone, using DT needs ot have emails saved to DT while sending or received in Mail and transferred to DT…

Then we could file them somehow into a folder structure etc.

It should be a standard feature in DT. Global stuff works but so far it is flaky for me, so I quit using it.

Also the print to PDF into DT is not hoding the formatting so it is POOR.

Printing a PDF actually just imports the PDF document created by the source application, DEVONthink doesn’t create or change the layout.

Please clarify what you are referring to here. Thanks.

It seems like MAIL when you print to DT3 the pro version has a pagination issue when creating a PDF. I mean it works but it is not elegant.

DT neither creates nor paginates when you perform Print to - any settings are via the print dialog offered by the OS or original application.

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I can select an email and send it by using the menu item, which is good but somehow I either have a rule that sends all the emails which is not what I want so I will have to reread to find out what I did wrong.

I understand so it seems the culprit is MAIL, and Print as PDF to DT3 …Service is not working well.

The application you are printing from provides the data; the print dialog provides the formatting (you can change pagination, for example, by changing the page size or scale), and DT simply receives the resulting PDF - as would any other app, or - in effect - your printer.

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