moving from DTP 1.54 to DTP 2.0

I’m a long-time DEVONthink user and am just now getting around to making the jump from 1.54 to 2.0. What’s the best way to proceed?

Should I manually uninstall 1.54 and its before installing 2.0? I’ve read Bill DeVille’s post ( about using both versions, but I don’t think I’ll need to use both. I glance at the forums daily and DTP 2.0 seems perfectly stable and I’m looking forward to working with it.

Will DTP 2.0 install over the old application and delete the scripts and other extras that might not be needed by the new version?



There is an excellent Upgrader’s Guide included in the DTP 2 download that covers all the aspects of moving from an earlier version to DTP 2.

Thanks! I looked in the DTP 2 manual, but haven’t downloaded the disk image yet. I’ll just go ahead and assume there’ll be the relevant instructions there.


I’m in the process of moving from from DTP 1.54 to DTP 2.0. The Upgrader’s Guide says to remove old Automator workflows, but am I to remove the automator actions that DTP 1.54 put in automator?


No the actions are part of the application and will be removed with it. But the actions in version 2 are not compatible with the old ones, so your existing workflows will complain a lot when you open them in Automator.

Thanks, Annard. By the way, DEVONthink Pro 2 is fantastic!