Moving Indexed Files into Database while retaining tags et. al.?

I have a DEVONthink folder that holds indexed file (files in the file system not in any database yet). i want to import these files into a database. I know I can Import the files, but I want to import AND retain the tags I put on those indexed files. I strongly suspect there is a way to do this, but I’ve not yet found instructions in the manual or in help. Any advise?

Finder Tags, i.e., those applied to files in the Finder, are automatically included when importing or indexing files.

OK, but I have DEVONThink tags applied to the index “documents”.

DEVONthink Tags are applied to indexed files in the Finder, so there’s no issue there.

Let me clarify. I have a lot of PDF files in the file system (visible in Finder) that have no finder tags. They are indexed in DEVONThink and I have applied a rich set of DEVONThink tags to those documents from within DEVONThink (not Finder). I want to bring these PDFs into DEVONThink database as PDF and not continue to rely on them in the File system (so that on my other computers I can use the files from the database).

I’m looking to convert and indexed file into a real file and retain the tags i so lovingly applied to each of the indexed documents.

I have a lot of PDF files in the file system (visible in Finder) that have no finder tags. They are indexed in DEVONThink

That is not possible, if the files are actually indexed. Indexed files in DEVONthink have tags applied when you tag them in DEVONthink.

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OK. I think we are talking around each other but I’m getting to the place I want!

: Files get to a folder in the file system numerous ways.
: These files get INDEXED in DEVONthink database
: I manually apply tags in DEVONthink.
: What I learned from the above thread is that DEVONthink applies Finder tags to those files in OSX from the work I do inside DEVONthink. Excellent. I didn’t know that.
: Given that when I then want to import those files into DEVONThink, DEVONThink will use the Finder OSX tags on import. Excellent. I didn’t know that.

So easy. No wonder I couldn’t find it in the doc’s. I was expected it to be harder than it is!! I never use Finder OSX tags, hence it didn’t occur to me how DEVONThink handled. My bad.




I am also adding some clarifying language in the Applying Tags section.

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Maybe I didn’t understand what problem is, but if you just click “Data” - “Move into Database” you will have the result you want. It doesn’t change any tags, esp. which you added in DT. Simple and easy.

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Slapping head. that does it too. Was looking for it. Guess I don’t warm to the word “data” when thinking “documents”. But that is perfect. And by going through with BLUEFROG how Finder and DEVONThink tags co-exist, learned a lot also. Gives me some added flexibility as my “data” lives in- and out-side of DEVONThink (sadly–working to fix that).

No worries, this is what this forum for )
I use indexing intensively especially with the shared Dropbox folders. Just index such folder and see the magic inside. If you want a file be visible only for you, and disappeared in shared folder - just “move it into database”. If you want it back again - “move outside”. Easy, and all your metadata preserved.