Moving indexed files to different external volume

I’ve recently had to scrap an external drive I was using and have moved all the files to an external SSD. Some of the files and folders were indexed in DEVONthink and, of course, they now show as unavailable. Is there an easy way to inform DT that the files have moved or is it a case of reindexing each folder again?

The easiest solution might be to use the name of the old volume for the new volume and to use a different name for the old volume (if it’s still mounted). If the path on the new volume is still the same, then this should be sufficient.

Thanks, I did consider that but the volume names are different and descriptive and I need to keep them that way. If the only other option is to reindex then that’s what I’ll do. Cheers

Another option is this script:

Thank you. After a couple of trials I managed to update the paths of all my indexed folders using your script. Saved a deal of time. Cheers.