Moving items: how to preserve group/tag structure?

DTPO 2.0.2:

What is the recommended way to move items (already grouped and/or tagged) from the global inbox to other open DB(s), so as to preserve the group/tag structure? I understand that groups and tags are really the same under the hood, but I’m getting confused by different behaviors associated with the various ways of doing moves.

Dragging a tag (from the middle pane of the three-pane view) seems to replace the tag with a new group, while preserving additional tags when present. Dragging individual items (from the right-hand pane) appears to preserve the existing tags, but creates new tags in place of groups to which the items may belong. Dragging a group (folder icon) seems to preserve the group, but creates a new tag with the same name as the group.

Could you send screenshots and/or the database to cgrunenberg - at - Thanks in advance.