Moving items in DTTG (or even "Classify" ?)


On the DT Desktop Application one can use the Classify Feature (is it called an “Inspector”?) to efficiently move items. I mean this:


This thing is extremely cool. Not only does it suggest a likely target (immediately available by shortcut), I can also type a few letters there and search through all groups in all databases.

I wonder if there is any efficient workflow for moving on DTTG?

The only thing I see is to start “Move” which shows the last 5 move to locations as suggestions. That’s nice, but often I don’t want these. I know exactly where I want to move that thing, but it’s in a different database and so it takes a “back”, selecting the desired database, then maybe scroll down because there are many groups there, and so on. It’s tedious. It would be nice if there was also an input field where I can type the first few letters of a group name from some database and then select from the list of results. Having the full “classify” in mobile would be even nicer, of course.


The See Also and Classify functions are reliant on DEVONthink’s internal AI engine. (And yes, that’s shown in an Inspector.)

DEVONthink To Go does not have this AI engine and currently the limitations of iOS and mobile hardware make adding this infeasible currently. As things continue to improve in the mobile hardware space, this may be possible in the future.

Also bear in mind, this will be quite an undertaking to integrate the AI engine, so it wouldn’t be happening in the near future.

Thank you, I understand.

Maybe in the meantime a very simple narrow down search in the list of all groups is feasible?

It would make moving with multiple databases and nested groups a lot faster.

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We have this on our list as well. Your support for this is noted.


What about using 2 instances of DTTG in split view (iPad only)? I use that to sort my inbox.

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Nice to hear you’re using multiple windows this way! :slight_smile:

Wow. That makes a lot of sense on the iPad! Thanks!

Aside: what is going on internally? are this two DT running in parallel or one with two windows? Why are the two sync icons of the two DTs showing different state from time to time?

It’s two windows.
And the sync icon isn’t keeping constant contact with any sync location, so yes the state could vary between windows.