Moving multiple databases with the same name

I recently installed DTP 3 to a new Mac Mini and moved the version 2 Global Inbox to its new location from an external backup drive. Now I want to move the dbs from that drive to the Mini; there are 3 of them that are named “DEVONthink 2.dtBase2” stored in different folders, and 1 that is named “DEVONthink.dtBase2”. I’m thinking this last one is from version 1 of DT Personal. Can they all be opened in DTP 3 and what is the best way to import them given the identical names of three of them?

You can open them from their separate locations to determine (1) if they are all useful or necessary and (2) if they are copies of the same database. If they are you will get a warning in Window > Log.

Thanks, Bluefrog,
On opening DTP 3 a dialogue pops up saying the database appears to already be in use; corruption may occur if I continue. It doesn’t say which of the identically named dbs it’s trying to open. Is it only because it’s on an external drive? Should I Continue instead of Cancel? Of the three dbs, one is in the Documents folder, another is in a folder I created and one is in the Application Support folder.

I would close them and open them one at a time.

Sorry! I should have read that dialogue more carefully. It says, " Database ‘Inbox.dtBase2’ seems to be already in use! This database might be in use on another computer. Opening it anyway might result in data loss or data corruption." So that’s the Global Inbox it’s referring to, not any of the databases I mentioned. No version of DT was running at the time which is why I was surprised to see that message. So should I select Continue; if it’s best to select Cancel then what is the way out of this kerfuffle?

Press Continue then do a File > Verify & Repair on it. If it verifies successfully, reported in Window > Log, quit and relaunch DEVONthink to see if it shows the warning again.

The option to Verify & Repair is grayed out so no way to perform that on the Global Inbox. Once I moved a db into the Database folder on the Mini I was able to run the command on it and it reported success. On subsequent launchings of DTP 3 I’m still getting the “in use” dialogue. Is there another way to verify the Global Inbox? I’m missing something here.

Hold the Option key and choose Help > Report bug to start a support ticket.

Done. Thanks.