Moving research from SCRIVENER to DEVONTHINK

This might be easy…

I have an older SCRIVENER file that I’ve updated in the latest version of SCRIVENER. Now I’d like to move the RESEARCH FILES over to DEVONTHINK. Don’t need hierarchical/outline arranged folders preserved; just files.

Thus far I’ve noticed IMAGES make the transfer via simple drag and drop. Other material, however, does not seem to want to “drop” into DEVONTHINK.

Is there a script or trick I’m missing?

It’s unclear what else you’re trying to “drop”.

In SCRIVENER I have the typical research files - text files, images, web pages, etc.

I’m finding TEXT FILES also slide over from SCRIVENER to DEVONTHINK very efficiently. It’s the WEB PAGES that don’t seem to want to transfer. I’m wondering if there’s an “intermediary step” I have to take.

Can you post a screen capture of a web page that doesn’t transfer, selected in Scrivener?

I’m seeing what I think you see. I have PDF’s in Scrivener 3.2.2 and if drag and drop to DEVONthink 3.7.2 , they turn into TIFF images, and if I select, copy, then paste into DEVONthink only the item title in Scrivener is imported to DEVONthink as a TXT file. I also tried with an Omnigraffle file, and it would not drag and drop at all.

I sort of expected it all to work and am thinking I’m also missing something obvious.

Target in DEVONthink is the Inbox of my “Works in Progress” database.

I think the issue/process lies with Scrivener as drag&drop to Desktop also doesn’t seem to work as I (perhaps naively) expected. The Scrivener Manual is not handy for me to look there. Later this evening …


Drag and drop depends on what data is coming from the source application as well as how the receiving application interprets or processes that data.

Case in point: it’s not possible to drag and drop the PDF from Scrivener to the Finder.

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Here’s a representative sample of what I’m attempting to move to DEVONTHINK.

  • The top file is an image; it slides over to DEVONTHINK A-OK

  • The subsequent files are web archives; they do NOT slide over to DEVONTHINK, Nada - nothing.

  • TEXT files will transfer fo DEVONTHINK - - but the TITLE changes to the FIRST CHARACTERS IN THE TEXT DOCUMENT.

  • A PDF file comes into DEVONTHINK as a TIFF file, and ONLY THE FIRST PAGE…

i recommend you refer to the Scrivener Manual on this. There is a chapter on exporting from binder. they also have a forum if more guidance needed. As @BLUEFROG said it is a two way thing to drag and drop and evidence suggests getting out of Scrivener is the challenge.

This isn’t entirely unexpected as it’s a representation of the first page of the document.

However, try the drag and drops to the Finder.

As I suspected, it was something easy that was simple to figure out once I heard some input from the experts. :slight_smile:

  • Select the files you want to move to DEVONTHINK. One or many.


  • Now you can choose an intermediate spot for the files to go, and make some format choices. (I’d made one of those automatic (magic) “ADD TO DEVONTHINK” folders in Dropbox, so I use that)

• Everything exports as it should (I tried text, PDF, and image)

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RE: “Drag-and-Drops to Finder” - no luck with that.

Indeed, the exports are a way to accomplish this. Since we were just dealing with drag and drop questions, I didn’t suggest it. Apologies, if needed. :slight_smile:

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Not at all! It was really helpful to think “out of the box” - - I was stuck on “direct drag,” and now I know O need an “intermediate export” to get the material over to DEVONTHINK. Not at all impossible.

Thanks for your help.

See Exporting PDFs AS PDFs? - #3 by NamoNakiMichi - Scrivener for macOS - Literature & Latte Forums

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My pleasure. :slight_smile:

Thanks - checking that out as well.

Chiming in to say thank you to @BLUEFROG and @rmschne for your advice. I’m converting 10 years of Scrivener projects to DevonThink, and was worried about losing the metadata.

Welcome @Rin

I’m glad you found the info helpful and eased your mind some :slight_smile: