Moving to a new Mac

I’m moving to a new Mac (needed more storage and RAM). I don’t want to use Migration assistant. (A few strange problems on the current machine that I want to let go of).

Whats the best way to move over? I have mix of full databases (already on dropbox sync) and indexed files (where things are shared with my wife). I also want to move my settings, smart rules etc.

Thanks in advance

Have you read the other threads dealing with the same question?

I tried, perhaps my search criteria were poor. Discourse needs an LLM to aid search,

If you point me to something I will happily delete this thread.


Searching for “Moving mac” returns a ton of hits, one of them with the same headline as your post. No LLM required for that.

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I previously searched for move to a new Mac; or new computer.

I was trying to use humour to deflect.

As @chrillek points out, previous posts here as it relates to DEVONthink. There is even, on your copy of DEVONthink in the “Tips & Tricks” section an article entitled “How to Migrate to a New Mac”.

That being said, the “best” way IMHO is Apple’s Migration Assistant. But you don’t want to do that. So the second, third, … best ways is to do it all manually, setup all the permissions, IDs, app installs, and copy files using what software and hardware you have at your disposal.

And, an internet search for “Moving to a New Mac” will bring up a lot of articles, including from Apple.

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@mlevison exciting! Have fun setting up your new Mac!

I did a fresh install this year so I was in essence doing what you are doing - setting up a new device without the migration asssitant.

I followed these instructions: Moving DEVONthink 3 to a new computer - fresh install of everything - #5 by BLUEFROG It worked well and I added a comment at the time to report the little problems I had so that others could know exactly what worked and didn’t.

I actually followed Jim’s instructions for a couple of other apps I wanted to migrate with their data as well and that worked fine (I did it for Alfred and a couple of other apps that I can’t remember right now).


Based on @chrillek suggestion - I found: DEVONtechnologies | How to Migrate to a New Mac

I did search the forum, the problem is only I used the wrong search criteria.

@MsLogica thanks for the info especially about migrating Alfred, I think it’s my most used utility.