Moving to new iPhone > Sync deactivated & Requires re-download

I moved from iPhone 12 Pro to iPhone 13 Pro using Apples device-to-device option. Most of the apps migrated to the new iPhone with all of the on-device content.

For DEVONthink, iCloud (CloudKit) syncing was deactivated on the new iPhone. I had to re-enter my sync key. I then had to re-download the ~30k items.

Is this by design? My expectation would have been that DEVONthink migrates to the new iPhone along with all of the content from the old iPhone.

Did you also move from DEVONthink To Go 2 to 3 at the same time? But even then the data store should be migrated too. So, no, this is not by design. Maybe if you’d send us an email from ? > Contact us inside the app we can see something in the Console.log file that it attaches.