Moving to New Mac

Possible silly question. I just got my new Mac Studio, moved everything through migration assistant. I tried to authenticate my copy of DT3 on my Studio, but it complains that I’m out of licenses. Was I suppose to de-activate my old one? I did not do that and the iMac is now wiped and gone. Anything else that I can do?

Welcome @joemanich

Was I suppose to de-activate my old one?

Yes, if you’ve already used your two seats, you’d need to deactivate one.

  1. Log into your DEVONtechnologies customer account.
  2. Click the appropriate product in the Your Licenses section to display your licensing information.
  3. In the Devices section, press the Edit button.
  4. Press the encircled minus (-) button next to the device from which you want to remove the seat.

You should then be able to activate the seat on the new Mac.

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