MS Outlook for Mac - DT link not working

I have placed a DT link (x-devonthink-item:// etc) in the body of an Outlook Task linking to a document in DT 3.5 . When I click on the link I ge a MS security warning. Then I click OK and just get a beep and nothing happens.

Should the link work from Outlook? If it should, any suggestions welcome!

Peter H

This seems to be completely controlled by Outlook, most apps just use macOS’ default link handling and in that case the item links definitely work. A screenshot of the warning might be useful. In addition, where’s the DEVONthink installed?

DT installed on main drive, single user.

message attached.

Removing the slash at the end should fix this.

MS keeps putting the slash back in!! If I highlight the link and got to Services/Open URL then the linked page opens automatically in DT. If I create a ‘Link’ using the MS dropdown it adds the backslash.

It’s obviously a MS issue but easy workaround. Thank you.

The next release will include a workaround.